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Stephanie's Goodwill Mission and World Book Tour

Hi, I am Stephanie, and I am ON A MISSION! This has been a very exciting year for me. First off, I am a Playboy Playmate, and I wrote a book about my very dear friend and mentor Mary O'Connor. Mary was Hugh Hefner's very powerful assistant, and my guiding light. The book is positive, uplifting, and being scripted by a very famous Academy Award winning producer. The working title is Mary & Me.

Currently, I am on a world book tour with my Playmate friends Stephanie Larimore and Heather Spytek. So far we have been to the Bahamas and Jamaica. We are heading to Costa Rica next month.  The girls and I are on a mission to find new places, fun and adventure off the beaten path. I am a Registered Nurse so my mission in life is to help people. So, I created a foundation, "Far Out Kids". Through the foundation, we plan on finding and sponsoring children of the developing nations we visit who are far out, literally and figuratively. 
And get this!  We are doing a television show so you can follow us on our crazy antics and goodwill mission. It will be exciting, fun, and heartwarming.  The girls look better than ever and are committed to our Mission.   Here is a teaser on Jamaica. Yah Mon!

                                On A Mission: Jamaica - Sneak Peek!

In our travels, we see stark contrasts between wealth and poverty in developing counties. Far Out Kids is our foundation to seek out children in real need during the filming of our TV show. We are looking for children who need the very basics in life: clothing, toiletries, medical supplies, etc. 
Dolphin Coves in Jamaica are fantastic and magical places. It is always our first stop on the island. On this trip, we visited Dolphin Cove - Negril. Besides, dancing with the Dolphins, the girls rode a camel along a Jamaican shoreline, and participated in the first Playmate Segway race ever.
There is not anywhere we can't go! There is not any photographer that won't join us! There is not any designer we can't shoot! Seems like a great formula for a TV Series.

Before we arrived at the pre-school (ages 3-6) to deliver our supplies and money, we did not know what to expected. We were rushed by 250 beautiful little girls and boys.  Our Foundation Far Out Kids raised over $1250 in cash and supplies.  We were all crying.
Rick's Famous Cafe has been voted a TOP 10 Bar in world and the Sexiest Bar in the Carribean.  The Playmates help propagate that lore.  It is also famous for it exotic drinks, amazing sunsets and cliff jumping. You will not believe who made the 40 foot jump and the 85 foot jump we recorded for the show. 
LIKE us on FACEBOOK and you can win a trip with the girls to Costa Rica in July. Stephanie selected Heather and Christine for the Jamaica trip.  You could be next.

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Say what? You want me to travel the world, sign autographs, jump from cliffs, swim with dolphins, bungee jump, and help poor kids in developing countries? Where do I sign? SS&H at Press Conference in The Bahamas.

Sneak Preview
Featured on the cover and in Cosmopolitan Magazine in December, we keep coming back because it is the most beautiful location in the Caribe to film. Plus we like the quiet privacy of the Prude Side. With the multi-million dollar improvements to the property, this all-inclusive resort can not be beat. 

Our producer KNOWS Costa Rica.  Join us on this Eco-Adventure Tour: Bungy Jumping, Zip-Lining, ATVs, and feeding the Crocs. Help us find the Children of the Coffee
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