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"Fashionistas For Life" head to Costa Rica this June, Merging Fashion With Philanthropy and Give Poverty the Boot.
This summer, FAR OUT KIDS and iconic fashion designers will join up with Roma Boots' Samuel Bistrian to deliver rubber boots and clean water systems to the indigenous Ngäbe people of Central America. 
All is part of a documentary entitled "Children of the Coffee" produced by Academy and Emmy Award winning producer Gray Frederickson.   The documentary is inspired by an article in Fem World Magazine on the incredible photo journalist Michele Zousmer.  This same article introduced us to the children of the Ngäbe, and to their guardian angel of 30 years, Dr. Pablo Ortiz.
A group of fashionistas will travel to Panama and Costa Rica to follow the annual migration this indigenous tribe. They will deliver rubber boots to the children, set up solar panel water filtration systems along the way, and stage a Musical Fashion Show in Panama City and San Jose to raise funds for the children.  At the end of this month, Ashton Theiss and Danielle Murphree will travel to San Vito for a boot drop and exploratory trip for the future production. 

The ladies will  be led by the Treasure of San Vito, Dr. Ortiz.  When they asked what can we bring you, he unequivocally answered, "Rubber Boots and Clean Water!"  He added, "The rubber boots keep parasites from entering the blood stream of the children and traveling to the brain...and clean water is essential to health."
Roma Boots will put boots on the ground in Latin America.  Founder Samuel Bistrian will lead the way for us. His is an amazing story.  Roma merges fashion with philanthropy to give poverty the boot. Their mission is to bring impoverished children throughout the world hope, love, and lasting change through aid and education. Roma Boots is dedicated not only to meeting a practical and urgent need by providing a new pair of rain boots to street children and orphans, but also to changing their future.
We believe that only through education we can truly help eradicate the cycle of poverty and help these children become catalysts for positive change in society.  
If you buy a pair of Roma Boots, Samuel will donate one pair to our Far Out Kids.

Guatemala Boot Drop Video

Acclaimed photojournalist Michele Zousmer was our inspiration for the Documentary.  The coffee production in Costa Rica and Panama played a key role in the country’s history and is very  important for today’s economy. Michelle will travel with us and chronicle our adventures through the jungle. 

During the coffee harvest many children are found working in the fields because there are no educational or child care facilities for them while their parents are picking coffee beans. Costa Rica depends on the indigenous people from their own country and other surrounding countries to harvest these important crops but does very little to assist them in their lives.
We have selected two talent international musical artist to head up our Fashion Charity Benefits. Their talent is only surpassed by their passion to help children in need. Stephanie Loayza and Sophia Lin will join local artists to create a magical musical experience everywhere they travel.

Stephanie y Sophia Asia Tour
Over the years, NYGÅRD's charitable platforms have included stem cell research, the oceans and coral reefs, children's causes, and the water crisis in the world.

The NYGÅRD for Life program's focus and commitment has and will continue to be…to help eradicate breast cancer, we have expanded it to also include a mandate that enhances all aspects of the lives of women. All monies raised through NYGÅRD for Life directly impacts Breast Cancer survivors and to further the much needed research to find a cure.

World Solutions Mobile Wagons are self-contained, light-weight, easy to move, water purification systems capable of producing a continuous supply of clean, safe, good tasting drinking water within minutes of arrival from almost any surface water source.

The system is perfect for their migration and their cultural belief that everything is alive including water. Instead of boiling water, they ask, "If the water is sick, how do we cure it?" Contaminated water supplies cause widespread diarrhea among the Ngäbe. Dr. Ortiz explains that a water purification system can reduce diarrhea cases from being a leading community health problem to a secondary issue.
Donate to Water One to help us deliver clean water to the world. 
Our team was in San Jose, Costa Rica in January to honor Dr. Pablo Ortiz. at a benefit party at the historic Villa Amon Mansion. Not only did we raise funds, but we presented him a Humanitarian Award. 

Ortiz has been a powerhouse behind the creation of programs providing medical services to the indigenous Ngäbe (no-bay) population that reside in Panama and Costa Rica. 

At present, there are approximately 14,000 migrant workers including children as young as 4 years of age that work up to 10 hours per day harvesting coffee beans. They stay in rustic housing provided by coffee farms.
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti declared Veronica's organization Style Fashion Week as LA's official fashion week, but it has evolved to include presentations in New York, Palm Springs, and Dubai. This year, she has added the Theater at Madison Square Garden, the Hamptons, Las Vegas, Seaside, and now Nassau, The Bahamas.

How much water do you use in a day? It is estimated that many of us use over 100 liters of water every day. But in some parts of the world, 10 liters is a luxury.

Last year Acqua for Life challenged you to live 1 day on just 10 liters of water. If you did the challenge, how long did 10 liters last? If you didn't take the challenge - get involved this year!  Don’t forget that with 10 liters you will need to drink, use the shower, brush your teeth, wash your clothes, prepare your food, water your’s not as easy as it sounds!
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