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The FAR OUT KIDS team will travel to Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, and The Bahamas this summer with their BOOTS ON THE GROUND Summer Tour.  

Our team was in San Jose, Costa Rica in January to honor humanitarian Dr. Pablo Ortiz. at a benefit party at the historic Villa Amon Mansion. Not only did we raise funds for children of the indigenous 
Ngäbe populations, but Dr. Ortiz laid out a master plan for us.  When we asked Dr. Ortiz what he needed for the children, his answer was unequivocally, "Rubber Boots!" 

"They do not have them or use them because of the poverty conditions," said Dr. Ortiz.  "The problem, according to our records, is that 98% of them carry parasites. Our projects involve teaching them how to use soap, teaching personal hygiene, sanitation, use of latrines and potable water, but we need the boots to reduce the parasites. Each parasite expels toxins in the blood stream which travels to the brain of the kids. It effects their ability to think and to learn like normal children."
With the help of Samuel Bristain, CEO of Roma Boots, this summer, FAR OUT KIDS will carry 1,000 boots to children in Central and South America effected by the parasites. While in each country, we will stage a charity event and DJ concert to raise funds for the various indigenous groups.  
 The concert will feature International  DJ Duo Stephanie Loayza and Sophia Lin. These talented ladies have played every top venue in the world: Ibiza, Macau, London, Paris, Las Vegas, New York, etc., and do they bring the paying crowds out!  They are  donating their time to help the kids
We learned about the Ngäbe migrant workers through a wonderful article and pictorial by Michelle Zousmer in Femworldview entitled Children of the CoffeeFrom that same article, we learned of the amazing work Dr. Ortiz has been doing for the past 30 years. Known as the Treasure of San Vito, it was such and honor to meet him and learn from him. 

Dr. Ortiz has been a powerhouse behind the creation of programs providing medical services to the indigenous Ngäbe (no-bay) population that reside in the area or travel back and forth from Panama City to the Costa Rican coffee growing plantations.

At present, there are approximately 14,000 migrant workers including children as young as 4 years of age that work up to 10 hours per day harvesting coffee beans. They stay in rustic housing provided by coffee farms.  The housing reminds you of what it would be like to live in a garden shed with a makeshift outhouse.
FAR OUT KIDS is teaming up with Roma Boots to put boots on the ground in Latin America.  Founder Samuel Bistrain will lead the way for us. What an Amazing Story.  Roma merges fashion with philanthropy to give poverty the boot. Their mission is to bring impoverished children throughout the world hope, love, and lasting change through aid and education. Click on the logo below to see how you can help. 
While in Costa Rica, Far Out Kids Director Lilian Varga and Fashion Model Heather Spytek visited Coopro Naranjo Plantations to select premium coffee for the Far Out Kids brand. Coopro Naranjo supplies premium coffee to the world including Starbucks. 

The ladies toured the entire Plantation, picked coffee beans with workers, and took a course in coffee making, including processing, roasting, cupping and packaging.  They selected a gourmet and premium type coffee for our Far Out Kids brand.
We have selected four talent artist to head up our Summer Benefit Concert Tour.  Their talent is only surpassed by their passion to help children in need. Stephanie and Sophia will join local artists to create a magical musical experience everywhere we travel.  

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